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GoodDay is a work, project, product, task, time, and team management platform that gives organizations the best tools for high-level planning, aligned with their day-to-day work, and for continuous improvement of all processes based on transparency, accountability, agility, and recognition.
fecha de revisión 04/08/2020
Indira Aadish

Nice experience. Expect service would be similar like now, which would not shut down in future.

- Features are good - User friendly

- Need to add some more configurable fields
fecha de revisión 04/08/2020

Literally, our development life became much more stable, easy and even fun with it.

The main advantage of this software is that it gives you ways to set up, analyze, monitor your goals and tasks and watch how their are completed by your team.

There are might be some. But we did not find any of them. We had several issues with it when the app was not reachable. But everytime these issues were fixed in 20-30 minutes.
fecha de revisión 04/06/2020

I like very much. And it seems to me that it has an affordable price.

I used this tool during the trial period and I liked it a lot. Their appearance and functions are endless and varied and what I like most is that they are always updating the software.

I don't like GoodDay in my mobile browser. But it is irrelevant because you have an app available for Iphone or Android.
fecha de revisión 04/05/2020
Nunci Narmada

Improved work management, communication and transparency. Business process optimisations.

I tested some free to use management softwares and i think goodday is most feature-rich application with free plan and even better some paid aplications. Nice reports and analytics features.

Menu navigation. So many features makes UI menu navigation complex for new users. and No UI localisation.
fecha de revisión 04/05/2020
Keiko Pellot

As the project manager, I felt I was flooded with too much information. Good Day provided a "storage container" for all this information and gets everyone on the team to be in better sync.

I liked that Good Day has a very functional feel to it - it is definitely not overly designed.

It has some bugs here and there. Nothing that made me turn away.
fecha de revisión 04/03/2020

GoodDay project management tool is easy to adopt , and it has very good dashboard and I can easily take report for each individual and their tasks. it allows to create tasks and assign to team and make easy to communicate to team. I can view my own tasks.I can feel one of the best alternative to JIRA.

Email notification could be better than the current format. and UI needs some more richness. by GoodDay Work on 16/04/2019 Hello Anil. Thank you for your feedback. Could you please share your ideas regarding Email notifications & UI improvements at our feedback portal at . Thank you.
fecha de revisión 04/02/2020

Best part of is that i shows me my daily task and target work that i have to accomplish in a day.

I think time tracking element or module in goodday needs to be mechanised a bit so that manual time tracking can be done exactly.
fecha de revisión 04/02/2020
Stock Heintzman

I am a software tester and it makes my job easy to assign issue/work to any user.

Best ui

I didnt find any but if there will be any task/project reporting system then i will be good
fecha de revisión 04/01/2020
Tench Zelasco

Has a lot of features, without much bloatware.

It is expensive, but you pay for quallity.
fecha de revisión 03/31/2020

Clear visibility on my assigned tasks... very simple.

Clear way of assigning work items... Dashboard, My Work & kanban board are few of my favorite features.

Lack of short keys... Faced some issues & difficulties while using the application just through keyboard... so mouse is a must.
fecha de revisión 03/29/2020
Avruch Lindenberg

Easy ness in using the software. Very good.

Nothing to complain about. Definitely worth.
fecha de revisión 03/28/2020

I had been through GoodDay and it was a good experince it is very flexible and user freindly

I did't find much of issues but if i got any they have good support yeam which will fix that very early.
fecha de revisión 03/28/2020

Most lovable feature of the software is its ease and its field customization. We can customize any field as per our requirements.

The time tracking module or part of the software is automatic, which seems to provide a little discomfort.
fecha de revisión 03/28/2020

Goodday preciously tells me what i am supposed to do every day in the morning. As a team member i am not bothered about doing any unplanned task.

The only thing i find missing is there is no clock for recording exact time devoted on each task like some of the other PMS.
fecha de revisión 03/27/2020

- Use it to keep track of every colleague's task progress.

- Able to assign task to colleague easily.

- Lack of integration with popular task tools such as Slack, Trello, Jira or IFTTT.
fecha de revisión 03/27/2020
Laurentia Combe

Structured project management. Reported time for the tasks allotted. Action required feature is of great help. Great value for money with many advanced features.

Task allocation

Time is tracked by guesstimate. The estimated time becomes null once the actual time is reported to a task.This is a very ineffective way of tracking time. Please add a different field for the estimated time without nullifying the value.
fecha de revisión 03/23/2020
Raddi Womeldorff

Most beautiful thing about goodday is its folder & project creation module, we can customize & structure it exactly as per our own requirements.

One thing which is missing i feel is we cant store basic client or customer data, which goodday can try to resolve.
fecha de revisión 03/22/2020
Beyer Slogeris

The most helpfull thing in Goodday that you are able to schedule your task in a calender veiw that saves the precious time by veiwing all task of the day at once

I have no issue with it so far but they have to update it time by time
fecha de revisión 03/22/2020
Rebak Waldrope

1. Very Easy to use & Setup

1. The Interface is not very Intuitive, it could be made more vibrant as many other tools in market
fecha de revisión 03/21/2020
Omero Pedrick

overall quite happy with this..

I think it easy to use, having an option for subtask , quite good

bit of buggy, but support is quite good,
fecha de revisión 03/20/2020

Good SaaS application

Nice online tool to work with. I can have have access to several projects under one hood & my client can have access too (or vice a versa). I just need to focus on My Work section for all my tasks & reports (for team). The thing that I most like is the custom fields which I mostly use for my team.

It took me some time to get them use to it, but that may be due to my team is a QA team & they haven't seen this king of software before.
fecha de revisión 03/20/2020

Every software I am using could be improved one way or another, but these are very minor features I'd add to GoodDay, it generally does everything we need to do. We've submitted new feature requests to GoodDay support team before and a few have already been included into recent releases, which is great, pleasantly surprised by this level of service and customer feedback!

GoodDay will be as customized and as flexible as you need to make it to reflect your real-life workflows. All configurations take just a few clicks, user training is very simple, and my team loves it! We manage all our goals, priorities, projects, and tasks in one place now! I love that everyone knows exactly what to do, who is accountable for a task at any time, and I noticed we are now managing to complete much more work than before, just by making our work transparent and well organized. Life saver!

fecha de revisión 03/18/2020

Watching the Progress of the Projects helps to achieve a satisfactory Workday!

The kanban type daily work management gives a good control on the Projects and the gives insight on the Progress of the Team. The process of assigning task Helps the team to clear the work and move forward for action to the other team member. As claimed by Good Day team, this helps to identify the bottlenecks in the Process and identify the same.

The task which is exported to excel is not for any specific period and hence a lot of work needs to be done
fecha de revisión 03/17/2020

Is a great product, I bet anyone you recommend it will like it too. for a small or medium team its excelent.

The initial Dashboard! is great all you need to know to start your day, you can disconnect from work when you go home and the next day with the Dashboard get back in action fast as will show you all you need to start the day. The reports, are great, the workflows and tracking of tasks are very very good. You can assign a task to someone and see that he first need to get budget proveed by accounting and how much time took to get it so you know where and when the time is used, when someone assign a task to you, you can recruit others to help and it will show it was a team effort. very nice.

Not big bad so far, maybe no free option for teams under 25 members, but is't OK. teams with over 25 members can afford it. still I like it a lot.
fecha de revisión 03/15/2020

Good till date.

Add Time Report per day.

No Alerts like alarm which buzzes.
fecha de revisión 03/15/2020
Lindley Sparks

Amazing Experience, Makes one time efficient and helps in remembering the pending tasks

Amazing graphics showing the performance.

Bug in displaying the current task on hold or in progress.
fecha de revisión 03/15/2020
Austreng Houseman

Planning & managing tasks. Our team uses it to manage multiple projects. It's Awesome! Still there are great features to explore. Images can also be uploaded to the task. Task can easily be assigned and set "Action required" by User with different available required Status. Deadline or Start/End time can also be set with the task. Day-by-Day, GoodDay is achieving different goals. I highly recommend this product, as it do what is required to do.

GoodDay is an excellent product. It is well organized and easy to use product. It has options for project management and has user friendly interface. It has features like organized Calendar, different view options of project tasks, setting Priority, Deadline, Progress, etc. Users knows exactly what to do, who is responsible for a task with priority and time. "Status" can be changed easily one after another while progressing the task and assigning it to next level. You can also view/edit your task in Mobile using GoodDay mobile application. It is an excellent and very effective product for organizing and managing your work effortlessly.

Wish to have more functionality to manage projects and tasks using Mobile App.
fecha de revisión 03/10/2020

Easy navigation is one of good feature

Only one person can be assignee at one time, need to provide a grouping option
fecha de revisión 03/10/2020
Huckaby Tibolla

Simple to organise my work and get my team members committed to the projects. Would recommend it to all

World class customer service and excellent user interface

It is somewhat tough to learn at first as there are so many features. Takes time to get used to
fecha de revisión 03/10/2020
Drusi Scigliano

Very good for our internal teams to track projects.

Very easy to setup and use PMS. had reviewed tons of them. Best part was the free trial was limited by a larger number of free users (25). This allowed everyone to try out the software. UI was a bit of a problem initially but then got used to it. Can be improved in this area. Best part is it is easy to correct mistakes and Excel import is easy and supported out of the box

Reports are too limited and can definitely be improved. Currently there are some reports which are not self-explanatory and the derivation is not given.
fecha de revisión 10/10/2019

It was so easy to get started. The quick set up, ease of use and how the whole team began to focus very quickly. I found that in a matter of a few interactions with the application I was learning each time and enjoyed how it was helping get us organized.

Admittedly I dont know that I fully understand the calendar (how to populate it with meaningful information visible to me). I suspect this is a training issue on my part and I have not looked. The support portal is very good- Im sure there is information, I just havent looked.
fecha de revisión 10/01/2019
Guarino Guitard

It is a very versatile productivity application and support literally any kind of project management.

I desperately needed a project management tool to clear all my backlog and see projects estimate for the near future.

I don't have any experience with their app, but one of my users have difficulty using an app built for android phone. Browser workes just fine,
fecha de revisión 04/30/2019
Grayson Lakhi

It helps me watch out about my personal tasks and the tasks of my team. Because of that, we save time and gain more effective communication.

One of the most useful features for me is that I’m able to schedule my tasks in a calendar view. This helps me to view all daily tasks at once.

I was surprised to know that you are not able to delete a task. You are able only to cancel it.
fecha de revisión 04/17/2019

I'm testing it for the needs of a private project. I would very much like to use this in my company instead of the current software.

The first good impression is UX and a nice (and modern) layout of the application. Even its name is charming and positive. It also has a lot of functionality needed for EACH (especially in IT) project (calendar, sprint support, files, notes).

In some places the background and text contrast is too low. People with poor eyesight may have some problems. It would be awesome, if we could have a mobile application.
fecha de revisión 08/31/2018

I'm very happy with GoodDay. It's very transparent and doesn't have a lot of issues. The ones that come around are getting fixed after some time.

- Slick interface

- No Github integration
fecha de revisión 08/31/2018
Fleming Tynon

Light weight and great User experience easy to learn quickly for new user.

Some time goes down on for maintenance and some time connection lost errors comes.
fecha de revisión 08/28/2018
Ahearn Curby

I like the overall minimalist design and the ability to cooperate with multiple people and keep updated with each task

Keeping updated can get messy and the options for viewing the current tasks assigned or due is a bit messy
fecha de revisión 08/25/2018
Yeta Delrosso

Time Management Improved.Also it helps me to improve Our Production

UI is the Best. Also I love the Reports & Analytics Part of this software.

Software should show time when we close the Task. I think you should add this Functionality.
fecha de revisión 08/24/2018

All good feature include, but on suggestion please add multiple employee assign task same time . possible same task designer and developer both work. otherwise all feature are great

User Friendly, good design better then other. it is complete package for Project management.

All good feature include, but on suggestion please add multiple employee assign task same time . possible same task designer and developer both work. otherwise all feature are great
fecha de revisión 08/24/2018
Cyndi Azuma

Good feature, easy to understand and easy loading time

So far never face anything show stopper.
fecha de revisión 08/24/2018
Stockton Cenecharl

It's overall experience is a average.

It's easy to use and much more functionality.

1) There is no functionality to export task list.
fecha de revisión 08/13/2018
Wulfe Philbin

Veru good software to manage People ,tasks,events ,Targets etc.

Simple UI, Different Task Borad,Inbox-Task(My Work) etc.

View is not resticted to Other depratment
fecha de revisión 08/09/2018
Ryter Wilkin

Best project management tool with user friendly UI

Features like Task,Event,Project etc,Board,Summary view etc,

Export facility is not pesent on Board or Project Task sheet
fecha de revisión 07/23/2018
Zalea Sprow

Adding task to yourself and to see other working on which topic and also task assigning to team-mates.

When i was starting use of good-day , i could not understand functionality of this app for somedays.
fecha de revisión 07/23/2018
McLaurin Romaniello

This application most helpful to manage big tasks and projects. We can easily handle and distribute the project work .

Make it more flexible so new user can easily use it efficiently otherwise it is excellent application.
fecha de revisión 07/16/2018
Spatz Zarn

Managed tasks & good reporting

The best & simplest PM tool with very ease of handling tasks, issues & ideas. I like "Gantt Chart" feature the most.

A bit confusion on configuring at first glance, but after reading FAQs & help articles it was eased out.
fecha de revisión 07/16/2018
Kristyn Shuga

Simple & efficient

The UI is very simple & no need of training using the application. Notification system helps me updated to my assigned tasks. The mobile app allows me to access my task on the go & handy.

The UI & functionality of the mobile app is a bit limited & need to improve. I feel great if all features with great UI can be applied to mobile app.
fecha de revisión 07/13/2018

Ease of Use,Ability to create different Project,Subproject etc.

Gmail integration is not working yet once it done we can able to create task directly from GMAIL,Need facility to assign task to multiple users.
fecha de revisión 07/10/2018

It is a good place where I can develop stable, efficient and modern websites with good SEO. Intuitive interface and functional email system

It offers a good service, complete and stable, with a variety of templates, but the cost is perhaps a bit high. Although the quality / price ratio is not bad
fecha de revisión 06/19/2018
Gustin Henricksen

utility, complete and dynamic work.

It allows the strategic planning of your organization in a practical and easy way. You can track your progress and convert them to KPI. It really is very complete.

At the beginning it can be a bit complicated. Relate to the input software is usually not so easy. You must have knowledge or have used other software previously to accelerate the adaptation process.
fecha de revisión 05/29/2018
Velma Heerdt

I love the simplicity of the the design, very user friendly and easy to the eyes. It actually loads fast, but dragging cards sometimes feel slow. The reports are a great insight too on project progression - this I love.

Currently a few integration available - Link google accounts, google calendar, drive, emails, dropbox, slack, and box. Would love to see Zapier.
fecha de revisión 04/07/2018
Eleen Desisles

Couple of Points to this:

The App which is started needs to evolve. This is very Basic. Functions like Swapping the task within the project needs to be there instead of going back to project and then selecting other task
fecha de revisión 04/06/2018

The Way the Architecture of the Task and Project Management has been designed is well suited for achieving the Best Result. This is helpful to see the clear Picture of the pending action, help required by Team and creating Report for the Management

The Task Search needs to be improved. The search should have options for a period, Type and Should display the result as a grid
fecha de revisión 04/06/2018

Daily Planning of activities helps me to stay focused

The Report which is generated for each project Level and then organisation level gives a quick Insight about the Progress of the Organisation. Further, the Kanban type task Management helps in Planning for the activities for oneself and the Team. This really helps for performing the task at various Level.

The Reports which are exported does not give the customised field created by me. This leads to additional work on reports to be done
fecha de revisión 03/28/2018
Erhard Mckinny

An Immediate view of the Team Planning helps in getting the Control of the day

The Reports in Good Day which provides the Graphical use of the Software by the team is the most important feature of the Software. After using/checking serval other software, these reports give a bang on the adaptability of the Software within your team

The Search for Older Task sometimes does not give the Full list which becomes difficult to review work done earlier
fecha de revisión 03/22/2018

We set the workflow of all marketing projects in our company.

What I like the most is that the logic of this tool is based on psychology. A big emphasis is given to accountability and the ways people can become motivated to work harder. For example, people can see who's responsible for the next step and what exactly should be done.

It's not comfortable to use GoodDay via browser on mobile. But I don't know who needs it as you can download an application for Android or for iPhone.
fecha de revisión 03/14/2018
Weingartner Conchado

3-in-1 - GoodDay packs three most important management tools: lists/boards for task management, Gantt-chart for planning and calendar for event management. It is surprising that there are not so many project management solutions that have all three. Managers usually workaround this by using a separate software for the missing part which brings unnecessary complexity. Having tasks, timeline and calendar in GoodDay is very convenient. Flexible project structure - being able to structurize projects in folders is a perfect feature for keeping things in order. This allows managers to have their projects neatly packed together unlike other PM software where you could get lost in hundreds of projects stored in a flat list.

fecha de revisión 03/01/2018
Morlee Esslinger

Now me as the director have full status of all the task that are running in my company and my team exactly knows what they have to do each day. Manager is fully aware of the status and get the work done even when he is out of office.

The best thing is that its kept very simple still have all features, thats not found in any other software till date. Also the look & feel is so professional and clean, that my team really feels like loging in and update things. Automatic time tracking is one of the best feature i have found.

Really not come across anything as such, But ya if i can think of some improvement areas then it could be that these guys must have some training videos on youtube.
fecha de revisión 02/04/2018

Simplicity and customizations of the product to help us set the projects up and work accordingly on the same.

Not available as an App for smartphones, would suggest to have applications for iPhone and Android for easy access on the go.
fecha de revisión 01/17/2018

Productivity increase, transparency around projects throughout the whole department, knowledge sharing, clear priorities and goals for the team.

This project management tool is very powerful, yet very easy to use, adoption is very quick, and the interface is very modern and intuitive. All features and customization capabilities any team would need in a project, task, and collaboration management tool without the high cost or lengthy implementation process.

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