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Autotask PSA

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Autotask Pro is a complete business management platform specifically designed for IT solution providers and includes features such as CRM, service desk, contracts, projects, billing, reporting and more that can be accessed across multiple locations, at any given time.
fecha de revisión 04/09/2020

Ticketing with Autotask saving a lot of time and efforts, it facilitates the communication between all stakeholders including our clients, allows internal notes on the ticket controls what the client can see and what is not, adding user defined fields allows us to generate more meaningful reports related to our business and our needs.

Why there is no feature to generate Project management charts like, network diagrams, WBS, Gantt charts from the current open projects?
fecha de revisión 04/07/2020

The success of our organization literally depends on Autotask.

I am able to track everything!!! My time, my expense reports, my notes on every account, create projects (project management), assign tasks, to-do's, tickets etc. Keeps you highly organized. Our entire company thrives off of this software and it is an instrumental tool in our success.

It's a little hard to learn, but once you do it on a consistent basis you get used to it. It's a lot to learn, and there are some YouTube videos that sort of help, but not really. Just start using it, and it will come a little more naturally.
fecha de revisión 04/06/2020
Cilo Lakhani

I felt that I was able to get my work done quickly, and I was able to stay organized with it.

The software allowed me to keep track of all of my tickets, and project tasks. I was able to easily pull up what I needed to know about our customers, and what I was working on. It was very easy to use.

There really wasn't anything I didn't like about the software. It was easy to use, and I was able to get my work done, quickly and efficiently.
fecha de revisión 04/04/2020
Tamsky Majano

This is a powerful tool and love it!

- Autotask has tons of features and the ability to manage our customers is easy

There isn't anything I can think of as a con!
fecha de revisión 04/03/2020

This is collaboration at it's finest.

I like how it ties to all of our platforms like quoteworks, kaseya, etc. You are able to track everything in an existing account so that the whole company is on the same page with a particular account. There is no reason that information should be missing.

You are not able to scan business cards and have them directly upload into a new account. This would save sales reps so much time on the administrative side.
fecha de revisión 04/03/2020

Scheduling, ticketing, invoicing are all in one place. The dashboard shows the schedule for all of the techs and employees, making it easy to schedule tasks for people. It also keeps track of productivity of the team, and finally parses everything into an invoice which is easy for the client to read

The reporting functionality is confusing at best. We've had to call for support on many custom reports that we've tried to make. The built-in ones work well. It would be nice to have nicer looking client-facing reports, which seem to be lacking in this system aside from the invoicing.
fecha de revisión 04/02/2020

The integration with Datto RMM is a plus. They work hand in hand. I am able to track my clients and time I spend doing tasks down to the minute.

This software has been great. It took me a while to get the hang of it. I am still learning the ropes, and I am into it for 2 months now. The staff has been very helpful in getting me onboard. I have not used all of my included support call time yet.

The learning curve is steep. You are only allowed 3 hours of free phone support to get started. Be careful with utilizing it to the fullest.
fecha de revisión 03/31/2020
Emanuele Dillon

It was used as CRM for all departments as well as use for PM and Support cases. Overall great experience!

The ability to customize the layouts, information shown, integrations with data sources were all great.

The interface was a bit outdated in some and the modules didn’t always fit the window (lots of scrolling).
fecha de revisión 03/27/2020

management of helpdesk and setting priorities

ability to keep track and prioritize helpdesk tickets. many functions and options . fairly user friendly and very descriptive. love to use the dashboard to keep track of all my clients tickets

it can sometimes be a little to detailed and take awhile to create a simple ticket. short codes are complicated to create. autofill for somethings would help alot to cut down on time
fecha de revisión 03/26/2020

The integration of multiple components (sales, ticketing, RMM, leads, quotes) is nice to have and is ideal in today's world where managed services providers need all innone solutions

Every feature unfortunately seems half baked. Some examples of this are: There is no direct integration with quoting resellers like Ingram to get sales data (unless you buy a 3P module such as QuoteWerks), deleting tickets is a colossal nightmare which can't be done via their API. Their APIs in general are fairly poor as they don't let you do basic functions such as deleting configurations or tickets, setting a ticket creator or setting the name of the person that is doing a note or comment (these features are only available via their email gateway or through the portal itself. There is no ability to truly lock down a user account, help desk users are able to pull reports of other members utilization and work being performed even if they are not queue owners.
fecha de revisión 03/25/2020
Norita Maturo

Use it daily for MSP work

Integrates perfectly with Autotask PSA, and allows so much automation that once configured, takes care of most small issues automatically.

Can take a long time to get fully configured with scripts and automatic fixes. Still a bit of a learning curve with all the indepth menus and such.
fecha de revisión 03/25/2020
Halpern Reding

This software makes it a breeze to enter tickets, track project, and from a management perspective makes like great for reporting.

fecha de revisión 03/22/2020
Yun Glimp

I used this for several years and had a hard time getting it to work effectively for our team. I did like some of the template functions.

It was not what we needed - it was difficult for us to customize and I had to do a lot of manual work manipulating data in the system.
fecha de revisión 03/21/2020
Normand Mosinski

This software has allowed us to centralize a number of system we used to have as separate systems, and also ties seamlessly into our existing ERP software. It's changed the way we handle our work flows, and project management, and made ticketing and billing simple.

The only down side I can really see that we had with the software was the learning curve. It was a little different to get used to at first, but not I'm not sure what we did without it.
fecha de revisión 03/20/2020
Natalia Vanord

Can make tickets quickly and easily and anytime I have trouble I can contact support by phone or chat and they are always super helpful. I also like the email to ticket functionality.

When people send an email to our support address and CC other people on it, others will reply all and create additional tickets and Autotask does not do anything to prevent this, it just creates duplicate tickets.
fecha de revisión 03/20/2020
Wein Maizes

Overall a good PSA however needs major improvements to the API because right now it feels like they made it just to show off they have an API because it has so many limitations.

Feature rich.Good for documentation and tracking tickets and device details. The workflow system is good.Mostly flexible.

Not user friendly- takes time to learn. API needs a lot of development - cannot merge using API, Attachment size limit that doesnt make sense at all? Reporting section can be certainly improved. Allows only three IP's to the warehouse.
fecha de revisión 03/18/2020
Ardeha Dorrelis

Autotask PSA is a comprehensive software that includes everything from CRM capabilities to project workflow and automation tracking. The wide range of business functions covered is outstanding.

As a marketing professional, I would have liked to see more CRM capabilities, account linking, automatic messaging, more classification and in-depth users.
fecha de revisión 03/16/2020
Kaete Klingerman

I have used Autotask PSA for my own time and expenses entry and to approve my team´s times and expenses. I was never too excited to use it as I struggled seeking some functionalities and reports.I

It effectively captures times and expenses consistently.

Not much user-friendly and difficult report extraction.
fecha de revisión 03/15/2020

I always have my files with me with Soonr and I love the iPhone and iPad apps. Soonr really makes my tablet a Post-PC device and I can do nearly everything I could on my laptop. A great service for any Team, of any size.

fecha de revisión 03/12/2020
Dylane Olin

A very helpful tool for working into the online world and have a controll for all your transactions ith the clients no matters the place in the world they are. The UI is really nice, thouhg is not the most pretty, have the most frecuently tools in ne page and make the proces faster. I work with people allover the world and this app help us to integrate our work and make a more faster process

One of the most problematic issues that i see is in the securyty, is not real levels, everyone wit acces can do anything they want to, so you must have complety trust in the person you give acces, but in bussines fully trust is not enough. Also dislike the fact that they use te user computer time becouse i work with people in diferents time zones and that make some notes and tickets get to confuse
fecha de revisión 03/12/2020

We run our entire business out of Autotask. It does everything for us as an MSP.

Autotask is about automation. It makes ticketing and billing processes standardized and automated. It has become our central repository for information. All service related issues, time spent, contracts, hardware, etc goes in there. I tell my team all the time, "If it doesn't exist in Autotask, it didn't happen."

Autotask support has historically been difficult, but is getting much better. Reporting is very powerful, but also VERY difficult to get your arms wrapped around it. It isn't something you do on a whim. If you have time to spend with it, you'll get good data. If you don't have time to spend, make sure you pay for some Autotask consulting time to help you.
fecha de revisión 03/11/2020

- the vast amount of customisations available to build a comprehensive ticket management system for your organisation or as a service to others.

- could work on the end-user interface some more, getting report lists of tickets and tickets status by date is an annoyance and requires several tries. The interface overall is clunky and slow in general.
fecha de revisión 02/07/2020

Proffessional services automation and control

It controls the whole business from tickets to Accounting and getting paid. COntrolling stock, organising engineers, it runs our whole business

It is quite expensive but i do think that for the benefits we couldnt live without it really (Dont tell AT they might put our prices up)
fecha de revisión 01/22/2020
Anna-Diane Bramon

Monitoring of sales performans is very useful. Easy to manage customer database.

You set up project targets and this software has a built-in project management module and will keep every key project indicators down to your targets. It has very good visualisation on dashboards, no excess information only what you have chosen.

It takes some time to figure out the platform interface. For me it was not easy to figure out how to make a pop-up reminder.
fecha de revisión 12/03/2019

It's a bit different than all the other systems I have used. I really fancy the fact it has a stop watch to time the work you do.

Putting in Time for specific work done. Creating a ticket gets all the information needed right away.

Changing what's being done on a ticket is a bit of a task and something you have to constantly remember to do.
fecha de revisión 09/16/2019
Wilinski Beauchamp

Overall I enjoyed using the Autotask PSA for most things, but it was not a good fit for the team I was working with.

Autotask PSA is a great option for large teams. It is fully customizable, offers a wide array of features, and has an excellent, hands-on onboarding process. It is a great option for large teams.

This software required quite a bit of manual set up for tasks I needed -- things such as automatically sending emails to clients on ticket updates, changing fields from required to not required, etc. For a very small team, onboarding was a bit onerous.
fecha de revisión 08/30/2019
Tica Bawks

Great tool for tickets and helpdesk, but need to have better support. There were things that could have been resolved if support payed attention to the issues presented.

TIcketing system easy for users to submit. As a user, easy to configure categories, and run reports against them. Ability for remote use as it is cloud based.

There were times that the system wasn't available or would get tickets up to 15 minutes after they were submitted, and this caused MSP SLA's to not be reached for 1st contact.
fecha de revisión 07/23/2019

Great way to organize work and collaborate with other technicians on issues to get everything resolved.

Ability to split up work into queues and work different queues

The phone app is a separate license than the actual desktop application.
fecha de revisión 07/16/2019
Deenya Alloush

It has a lot of nice features and dashboards, but they are also what becomes an issue in the future.

Way too many clicks to get simple tasks like invoicing done. They REALLY need to work on this aspect in particular. Invoicing was a time-consuming nightmare on this.
fecha de revisión 07/04/2019
Kal Vanorsdol

Very productive project management app especially, the scheduling and the reporting part

It avails a very productive and professional dashboard, it organizes huge communications on tickets and projects very easy, it facilitates in-line scheduling for phases and related tasks very easy, it allows customize very productive reports and you can schedule when you need to receive these reports automatically.

We sometimes face problems with the integration with Autotasks APIs, as sometimes it works and sometimes not.
fecha de revisión 05/26/2019
Rosy Corder

The user interface is information rich yet friendly and easy to navigate. It allows wide customization of the widgets and workflows can be setup to automate much of the process. This is a great tool for anyone providing support or managed services.

The email-to-ticket functionality is limited, and we ended up making our own development to integrate to AT. It is recommended for someone to champion the implementation from the user side, to assist with administration and understand all that there is to learn about Autotask.
fecha de revisión 05/23/2019

My overall experience with Autotask PSA, from implementation to daily use, has been very favorable. I would highly recommend this software due to its versatility and ability to be customized. Our company was not taking full advantage of all modules (contracts and invoicing, specifically), which was detrimental to our overall efficiency. My recommendation would be that anyone considering this software look to implement all facets of the software for the best result.

Autotask PSA is an extremely customizable tool. Different departments can have customized ticket categories, including Issue Types, priorities, resources, ticket status, due dates, workflows and notifications (and more) to fire off based on the rules associated with each category. The updates to the software in the last 18 months have improved the user experience. For example, when viewing a ticket, all pertinent information is available on the screen, from the ticket details to the activity history and even the company and contact information. It is simple to add "User Defined Fields" which are custom fields specific to your company or industry that you can add to Companies, Tickets, Contracts and more.

There is a large learning curve when implementing this software. It is a common mistake to create a lot of customization (UDFs and workflows) because the Administrator is not familiar with the modules or the best practices of the software.
fecha de revisión 04/29/2019

Remotely manage all computers in a single location and the ability to remotely connect to them with the push of a button. One of the best RMM software that I have used.

A lot of features that allows you to do just about anything you can think of. Extremely robust system that is highly customizable for your environment. Ability to monitor computer for all sorts of different functions.

There is nothing to complain about here. Sure there are a few small things but all software has it and its nothing worth mentioning.
fecha de revisión 04/18/2019

Has a lot of features to it and easy to manage the ticketing

It can be a bit clunky and dated in its design
fecha de revisión 03/19/2019

If I ever need to pull up a drawing in the field, I can use Autotask to pull it up on my phone or tablet.

The 'Favorites' folder on the software allows me to personalize my profile, making it much quicker to access my files in the field.

Autotask requires a password every time I turn on the app. It would be more convenient if I could just stay logged in.
fecha de revisión 03/05/2019
Cornwall Wharry

I really like the interface in Autotask. It is clean and easy to navigate where I need to go. The number of applications that we use that integrate directly with AT helps us to work smarter not harder. Everything from RMM tools to accounting packages all have very solid integrations. The help function is responsive in what it returns on searches and I can usually find something to answer my question quickly.

Things I dislike include: the low set number of tickets I can have in a search list show at one time, the CRM module is antiquated and unused by us, the project module could be much easier to work in regularly and the mobile app needs to be revamped.
fecha de revisión 12/18/2018
Jeanelle Dauster

We can multi task using the autotask dash board,this allows us to manage all aspects of the service desk including the financial spectrum of the business. This program is a vital part of our day to day routine and we would be lost without it.

I really like the interface of the website and the depth of functionalty to assist running a service desk is really great. Superior software for the price.

No cons that I can think of. I highly recommend this product.
fecha de revisión 12/06/2018
Mari Boschult

You can keep track of open, closed tickets. You can set different categories for your tickets with different priories and urgency. It lets you search by company name, contact or even ticket number. Within the tickets themselves you can create ticket, templates, link computers by name, categories by different issues, hardware, software etc, also the notes section and add attachments is great. I love this site

This is a multi use site. We manage multiple companies and it organizes it perfectly.

Sometimes it goes down during maintenance or a glitch, otherwise good
fecha de revisión 10/29/2018

I like it, but want to like it more. For my basic needs of recording time per project or ticket, it's a pain to use.

The best part of Autotask is the promise for what it can do. It sould work as a single service for managing projects, customers, and time keeping.

The worst part of Autotask is the user interface. It has most of the functionality I need, but it is just frustrating to use. The UI changes enough every release to make it hard to keep up. the changes only seem to make it harder to use.
fecha de revisión 10/10/2018
Mala Ferugson

Autotask has an intuitive UI and a good workflow that allows you to manage your tickets and keep track of your time easily in one place,

My biggest issue with Autotask is how long it takes to some of the screens to load.
fecha de revisión 10/03/2018
Lamont Sibley

The product can be more cost efficient than connect wise but you will loose a lot of features

The sales people don't know their product and it doesn't have a lot of features. The sales people should have a PPO against them as all they do is harass.
fecha de revisión 09/26/2018
Pfosi Desoto

Autotask is mainly use for Tech Support, Support Contracts and Project Management. It does an OK job with Tech Support, but all the other items are arduous to set up and very time consuming.

I really do not like Autotask as a software, there is not many features that are great as our team decided to use it for not it's design purpose which is an IT management company for projects, CRM, etc.

The absolute biggest con about Autotask is they have no history features. All changes are unrecorded or unexposed in the software, so someone can go in change numbers on projects, customer license counts and there is no history of anyone changing these items. It has been requested as a feature for 2 years and the only reply is "we have it on the roadmap" even though it is a highly sought after and frankly, BASIC feature that they never included.
fecha de revisión 09/10/2018
Rodmur Slominski

newly introduced to newer start up company. Service techs seemed to like it, but the sales team could not find an effective use for tracking customers or reporting activity

one source of customer information stored accurately

extremely difficult to navigate and very time consuming with data input
fecha de revisión 07/11/2018

The AutoTask \ Datto AEM software is one of the best RMM products we've used. We originally were looking to swap to something from Hounddog when it was expensive years ago and this did everything HoundDog \ GFI Max did but much cheaper and that was just on the monitoring side of things.

Ridiculously low resource footprint

The inbuilt reporting is being massively improved over the next few months \ iterations, as currently it leaves something to be desired. There's a huge wealth of auditing data that is captured by the software but you can't easily pull this out. Sure you can filter devices by the info, but to actually pull a report, its painful.
fecha de revisión 06/12/2018
Latin Shostak

Was able to fill the service management needs of a large field service division.

Had a wide variety of modules and a solid work flow engine. Made appropriate recommendations for additional and followup actions. Front end was a intuitive GUI .

Work flow engine made decisions that could not be easily reversed. Constantly opened asset tracking modules contrary to our data collection strategies. Unable to integrate material purchasing and reporting software hence autotask produced invoices that had to be exception ed out of inventory. Accounting software engine was based on quick books hence it was never able to integrate with the one write enterprise accounting software. Independent financial auditors were not willing to verify accuracy of the spread sheet nature of the accounting software. Our work around was to abandon the accounting module, AutoTask did not give a refund.
fecha de revisión 05/17/2018
Seka Cammack

It did the job it was supposed to do, integrated well with other titles, and is a polished, mature offering.

Autotask can do alot. In fact, it can do so much that you can be overwhelmed at times. Also, it almost always works, with very few service delays or interruptions. It wasn't until I switched PSAs that I realized how good it is.

It's pricey. Doing a single operation can open 3 to 4 windows. Not always super intuitive. Inventory doesn't support UPC codes.
fecha de revisión 04/19/2018
Ruddie Gizzi

This helpdesk has a lot of functions. With all the data teams enter in the working day this can help accounts departments with invoicing in bulk with time constraints.

For the end user there are a number of fields to input. For example in an MSP work environment, you need to enter the company before the individuals name. Having that requirement slows down input and confuses the customer.
fecha de revisión 04/10/2018

Autotask IT Management made it easy for us to keep track of our work, time spent, and customer information. After reviewing a number of options this was the one that best fit our needs.

The learning curve was a little steep, but overall I haven't found too much to complain about the software overall.
fecha de revisión 03/12/2018

the software is so simple to use and for the end users to be able to see the status and check on their items. from our end it's great to know the items that user has.

I think the pricing should be with mobile already in mind instead of an extra charge as it is meant for cloud usage
fecha de revisión 03/05/2018

Out of the box, it has a lot going for it. But the setup time is not short.

It's industry specific, so it has a lot going for it. We need something that is already designed for our industry so we could hit the ground running.

It's cumbersome and pricey. The per user price is not cheap.
fecha de revisión 02/13/2018

There's really nothing out there I've found that's comparable. The integration with other programs like N-Able, QuoteWerks and QuickBooks pretty much make AutoTask a one-stop-shop. I love that AutoTask has so many features that allow me to service our customers all in one place. I've been using AutoTask for over 4 years and I'm STILL finding new features available! They also seem to value its user's input. Over the years I've seen them make many improvements to their user interface, and a lot of them were highly requested by users on their message boards, so it's nice to see that they read those and make efforts to incorporate much-needed changes.

The fact that AutoTask has so many features does make it difficult to navigate and set up the system initially. Because of that, most of the problems we've had with AutoTask have boiled down to being user-errors, which I can't fault AutoTask for. As an admin, it's just that there's SO much you can do and customize in AutoTask, it becomes very overwhelming knowing where to start, and knowing how to set up all the pieces in a way that will make the system easy to use for our normal tech users.
fecha de revisión 01/09/2018
Ruvolo Andrae

AEM makes it easy to organize multiple off-site locations and set up hardware monitoring, apply a scheduled server restart for patches, and the ability to quickly and easily apply scripts to remote computers without ever logging onto them.

AEM makes it easy to monitor, set up scripts, or even connect to countless computers remotely. You can drill down to a computer on an individual level, or group entire office sites into resource monitoring or apply your custom written scripts to them, either one time or schedule a time for them to reoccur.

Sometimes it feels like there's just too many levels, and it can take awhile to get where you need to be. Luckily the software is not slow to respond, but it's still a few layers to drill down to get to the computer you need.
fecha de revisión 01/06/2018

All i can say that its very ease to use and user friendly UI.

The thing which i like least about this software is to create new ticket. We need to enter lots of things to create one ticket. some are useful but some are just information (which can be ignored).
fecha de revisión 01/04/2018

Team work management

work asign to the user and pending work of every user with project management system is also very fine

speed of the software and design of the software easily understood for work purpose. reports also too much good for reporting purpose .
fecha de revisión 01/04/2018
Pisano Walpole

handle the work maintain The time and set the work different users

it is use to work define and maintain the task for The multiple user and it department handle work is easy find very easy time save and handle To work and priority to set which impotent or not to find and show that task

fecha de revisión 11/10/2017
Nahama Timon

I really like the templates for tickets and other automation that can be done with this system. I don't use this for any billing or project management anymore but have in the past. I was not impressed with either of those two feature sets but it has been about 2 years since I've used them. The basic reports are good for getting a fundamental view of your ticket metrics

Inline image support should be extended. Should be easier to email out attachments from ticket notes. Email parser seems to have some intermittent problems where the email is not converted to a ticket. Reporting capabilities need some serious overhaul - only the most basic reports/info are available.
fecha de revisión 10/05/2017
Malvia Blythers

Easy to use, complete software..I like mostly Flexible Dashboard

Autotask Workflow is Too Better to change to Workflow
fecha de revisión 09/15/2017

It is great for startup companies but not for companies that are growing and offers tools like big boy enterprise applications, and you can get up and running quickly.

I have been suggesting in the forums for years to have a way to remove in a simple and easy "select all" for graphics that are attached from the email parser and clutter up tickets, and no response. Recently I was in a webinar and pointedly asked about why this was not included in the update and crickets..... it is the little things that annoy folks over time, and having to scroll through every signature graphic and html goop and clean up ticket for easier use. The support staff for plugins like procurement and sales are also annoying...
fecha de revisión 06/09/2017
Washko Macrina

I lead a team of 8 technicians. Distributing and managing tickets between them can be very frustrating with an average of 50-100 tickets a day for my team. Autotask makes it very easy to manage with the customization throughout the program. From my dashboard, I am able to monitor ticket openings for my team, overall closures per technician, ticket priorities and SLA clocks, and escalations. I really like the way I can build reports in any method I want with just a few clicks. Reviewing timesheets is also much faster for me with the layout in Autotask.

-A sharp looking, customizable dashboard

-Frequent crashes and freezes
fecha de revisión 04/12/2017
Small Delgenio

I used autotask for 2 years at an IT firm. We used it for ticketing and CRM. I found it to be a pretty steep learning curve but once you had it it was very easy to use.

fecha de revisión 12/09/2016

Autotask is a great tool for IT and support companies for managing contracts with clients. Contract setup and tracking are great. The initial setup and linking to QB can be a bit tricky, but once setup and talking correctly, it is a big time saver that offers communication between the operations and accounting.

fecha de revisión 09/25/2016

Autotask has lots of management capabilities for Managed Services Providers in the IT industry. They have a lot of functionality and fields available. However, one frequent comment is that it takes too many clicks to complete a task. Also, overall effort tracking of a team or individual is not that straight forward

workflow rules and management of inbound emails. Dashboards for your team, account or individual

When we add custom fields, we should dont have an option to place it in the section / category we like. Sometimes, the support takes lot of time to get back even thought the issue raised is very critical
fecha de revisión 12/07/2011

Before using Autotask Pro our main issue were dropped client requests and communication problems. This has changed a lot with Autotask Pro. My employees especially like the ability to put tickets in, check the history of all tickets and the possibility to invoice clients in just a few clicks. My personal plus factor of this software is that it is web based and accessible from any web browser or mobile phone and, of course, I like that now I can see everything that's going on in my business in only one program.

Basado en web.

Sales part could be better
fecha de revisión 01/22/2010

I HIGHLY recommend Autotask as a platform on which to run an IT Services Company or Managed Services Provider business. It has revolutionized the way we operate, and I simply can't imagine being profitable and efficient without it.

We are a fast-growing IT Services Company, and implemented Autotask (thankfully) at the beginning of our growth. I attribute our ability to remain nimble and flexible primarily to Autotask. Autotask has helped us track our technicians' time, our sales process, and to remain ever mindful of our revenue and profitability.

Like any software platform, the implementation of Autotask requires flexibility and a willingness to rethink some business processes. This has all been for the positive with us, though, and in the end we are much better off for changing our processes to match Autotask's workflow when it makes sense.

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